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Mobile Payments to Take Flight as Airlines Add More Payment Options

Airline passengers might be taking a closer look at the SkyMall magazine in the seat pocket in front of them, as more airlines add mobile payment options. More than a third (36%) of airlines plan to accept mobile payments on-board flights within the next two years, according to a new survey. Airlines expect mobile payment options to create extra revenue as more passengers pay for a flight, buy an upgrade, buy in-flight goods, etc....

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Cruise Ship Industry to Target Consumers with Image Campaigns

The winter cold and flu season may be behind us, but the damage has been done, especially to the cruise ship industry. The Harris Poll recently surveyed over 2,000 consumers and reports that the high-profile publicity about illness aboard several major cruise ships has dinged the industry’s reputation. Consumer trust regarding cruising has dropped, along with purchase intent....

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Mobile Device Ownership Driving Interest in Home Automation

Mobile devices and their ability to connect wirelessly have helped drive interest and awareness of home automation products and services. Among smartphone and tablet owners, 62% of consumers say they are “extremely or somewhat interested” in purchasing home automation products. More affordable options are also attracting a new market of younger, middle-class consumers, some of whom rent their primary residence....

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To Reach Buyers, Sellers Promote Home Warranties

With temperatures warming and the housing market improving, more consumers are out looking at properties. Many of these consumers will be first-time home buyers. As they venture into the home ownership market, these folks will worry about what might go wrong with the big ticket items like plumbing or heating systems. One way to ease their minds and increase sales is to offer a home warranty....

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Marketers Can Target Boomers with Convenience, Accessibility of Products

Companies are missing the mark when it comes to engaging and catering to the needs of the aging consumer. Marketers need to bolster efforts to better reach and cater to an aging demographic, such as using larger fonts on product labels and signage, and merchandising age-related products in one place and at arm’s length for easier accessibility....

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Family Travel Trending Up This Summer

More Americans plan to travel with family this year than last. Of those taking family trips, 55% will travel with their spouse and children, and 20% will travel with extended family, according to a recent study by TripAdvisor. July is the most popular month for family trips. Sixty-six percent of family travelers will hit the beach, while 46% will visit the city and 33% will make their way to a national park....

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