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Painting Tops List of Home Improvement Projects This Spring

Many homeowners will be looking to create dream spaces with paint this spring. According to a new National Home Design and Color Survey from Sherwin-Williams, seven-in-10 homeowners plan to undertake a house-related project in the next six months. Of those homeowners planning house projects, painting tops the list with 42% wanting to liven up their space with color, followed by landscaping (39%) and redecorating (30%)....

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UGC Key to Millennial Auto, Big Ticket Purchases

Millennials are finally moving into the years where they will be spending money on big ticket items like cars, electronics and appliances. This purchase activity will come as a welcome relief to vendors who are still recovering from the recession and are looking for a larger consumer audience to target. Before retailers gear up their ad campaigns, they’ll need to consider which media formats work best for reaching Millennials. Data in the Ipsos Millennial Social Influence Study...

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More Restaurants Promoting “Gluten Free” or “Signature” Items

Restaurants are shifting their business practices to introduce a greater number and wider variety of claims that reflect trending food concerns. According to Mintel Menu Insights, while the use of the term “organic” has declined, claims like “gluten free” are appearing more frequently on restaurant menus, posting a 200% increase between Q4 2010-13. And as operators try to signal that their offerings are unique, “signature” as an ingredient marketing claim grew 34%....

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Mobile Payments to Take Flight as Airlines Add More Payment Options

Airline passengers might be taking a closer look at the SkyMall magazine in the seat pocket in front of them, as more airlines add mobile payment options. More than a third (36%) of airlines plan to accept mobile payments on-board flights within the next two years, according to a new survey. Airlines expect mobile payment options to create extra revenue as more passengers pay for a flight, buy an upgrade, buy in-flight goods, etc....

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Cruise Ship Industry to Target Consumers with Image Campaigns

The winter cold and flu season may be behind us, but the damage has been done, especially to the cruise ship industry. The Harris Poll recently surveyed over 2,000 consumers and reports that the high-profile publicity about illness aboard several major cruise ships has dinged the industry’s reputation. Consumer trust regarding cruising has dropped, along with purchase intent....

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Mobile Device Ownership Driving Interest in Home Automation

Mobile devices and their ability to connect wirelessly have helped drive interest and awareness of home automation products and services. Among smartphone and tablet owners, 62% of consumers say they are “extremely or somewhat interested” in purchasing home automation products. More affordable options are also attracting a new market of younger, middle-class consumers, some of whom rent their primary residence....

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