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Soccer Poised to Increase Position as a Major U.S. Sport

Now that the excitement of the 2014 World Cup has faded, will U.S. fans continue to follow soccer? A Sports Business Daily poll shows growing support for soccer in this country and some analysts believe that promoters now understand how to market the sport to broaden appeal....

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Musical Training Improves Problem-Solving Skills

The Harris Poll reports that the more time one spends in a music program, the more likely they are to say it has been influential in contributing to their current level of personal fulfillment. Music education has the ability to provide various skills that people may need for success in a job or career outside of music. In fact, over half of those involved in a music program say music education was extremely or very important in providing them with...

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Entertainment, Travel Expenditures on the Rise

One way to tell that the economy is getting back on track is to look at the types of consumer expenditures being made. Mintel’s American Lifestyles 2014 report indicates that U.S. adults are spending again nearly at pre-recession levels. The real optimism in this report is all about what consumers are buying. The healthy growth in nonessential purchases should give marketers hope for sustained sales increases....

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Consumers Patronizing C-Stores with Rewards Programs

Blame the weather and rising gas prices for the decline in visits to convenience stores in the first quarter of 2014, according to The NPD Group. Traffic to convenience stores decreased by 3.5% in the first three months of the year compared to same period last year, reports NPD’s convenience store research. The good news is [...]...

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More Pet Owners Hiring Sitters

Summer can be a miserable season for pet parents and their furry children, unless they find a suitable pet sitter. More consumers appear to be choosing this option according to the 2014 State of the Industry Survey released by Pet Sitters International (PSI). The number of consumers hiring pet sitters is growing as is the amount of money they are spending on these services....

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Face-to-Face Interaction Drives In-Store Shopping

Recent Harris Poll research drives home the point that online shopping has become ubiquitous across the U.S. Consumers are buying online in every category. While younger consumers have been quick to embrace digital shopping, especially with mobile devices, older consumers make purchases online at a higher rate for some product categories. Despite this euphoria, consumers say they still like the in-person shopping experience....

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