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Automakers Struggle to Satisfy Consumer Demand for Third-Row Seats

Automakers are building third-row seats into more models these days. J.D. Power, in its 2014 Seat Quality and Satisfaction StudySM, notes that more mass market trucks and vans, along with compact SUV/MPV vehicles are equipped with third-row seats. However, in meeting this demand, automakers are not always winning high marks from consumers....

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Women Seeking New Footwear Brands, Styles

Although U.S. women’s footwear growth has been somewhat subdued during the past two years, there have been considerable changes in the brand landscape, attributed to the fact that women are more concerned not only with comfort and quality, but style over brand when shopping for footwear, according to Women’s Footwear Brand Focus Study 2014, the latest report from global information provider, The NPD Group....

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Broadway Show Attendees Researching Online

Consumers are spending a lot more money on Broadway shows and theater this year. In conjunction with Ipsos MediaCT, Google recently studied this trend and the consumer path to purchase. Live theater and show attendees start their research in advance and use several media sources, giving marketers plenty of opportunity to reach them....

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More Parents Investing in College Savings Plans

Concerned about of the burden of student debt, more parents are prioritizing savings this year over last year as the number one way to pay for their children's college education, says the College Savings Foundation's eighth annual State of College Savings survey of parents across the country. They are saving more than they did last year; and the two youngest categories, parents ages 21-30 and 31-35, are getting a jump on the high cost of college by saving earlier...

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Mortgage Shoppers Expect Personalized Contact

Mortgage servicers are making substantial progress in improving the overall customer borrowing experience—specifically for “at-risk” customers—with technology helping to simplify and streamline the experience, according to the recently released J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction StudySM....

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Patients Reporting Positive Outcomes from LASIK Vision Correction

Eye care professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients and offer solutions ranging from traditional glasses to contact lenses to LASIK. Both contact lenses and LASIK are more invasive than glasses but they also offer a better ‘aesthetic’ correction. To determine which form of corrective treatment offers the most satisfactory outcome to patients, several private practices and the Cornea Research Foundation of America surveyed 2,000 patients ranging from age 18 to 60. The findings show...

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