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Face-to-Face Interaction Drives In-Store Shopping

Recent Harris Poll research drives home the point that online shopping has become ubiquitous across the U.S. Consumers are buying online in every category. While younger consumers have been quick to embrace digital shopping, especially with mobile devices, older consumers make purchases online at a higher rate for some product categories. Despite this euphoria, consumers say they still like the in-person shopping experience....

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Warehouse Clubs Drawing Members with Quality Products

While warehouse clubs may be perceived to be the domain of those looking to stretch a tight budget – new research from Mintel reveals that it is not just those of lower incomes having to ‘make do.’ High income consumers think their products are on a par with leading brands. Indeed, 38% believe store brand or private label brands at warehouse clubs are comparable to name brand items in terms of quality—a number that increases to 44% of households earning...

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More Consumers Show Support for Animal Protection

U.S. consumers are well-known for their love of pets. A growing number of consumers are also showing more support for organizations that aim to protect animals and advocate for their humane treatment according to a new survey from the National Council for Animal Protection (NCAP) and the Humane Research Council (HRC). This growing support suggests that animal-rights groups may be enjoying a fund-raising environment that is friendly to their cause....

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Prospective Investors Seeking Small Forums, Webinars

Most consumers do not use the services of a financial professional. That is especially true of those under age 50 and those who have annual income of less than $50,000. The American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL) has found that financial professionals may be able to increase their client base by using small forums and online tactics like videos and webinars....

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Home Buyers Show New Interest in Kitchens, Bedrooms

Today's home buyers are seeking surprising key features, and they are willing to make sacrifices to get them, according to the latest PulteGroup Home Index Survey by PulteGroup, Inc., one of the nation's largest home builders. ...

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Health, Environmental Experts Encourage Expansion of Plant-Based Diets

A new report from Sysco indicates that more U.S. consumers may be willing to reduce the level of meat-based protein in their diets in favor of plant-based proteins. At a recent Menu of Change conference, nutrition experts reported that consumers continue to eat significantly more protein than is recommended. But, U.S. adults who are particularly interested in eating local and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle realize that a diet heavy in plant-based protein is environmentally friendlier than the meat-based...

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